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Rise Of The Saints

Hi everyone,

In the Gospel of Matthew, he mentions how the saints were risen after Jesus’ crucifixion. Did he mean this literally or spiritually?



I think he meant it literally since they went into the holy city and “appeared unto many” Matthew 27:53. It paints the picture not of just appearing somewhere like a spirit but of getting up and going…

I think this means, as He said on the cross, it was finished right then so that the graves could not hold the saints anymore …sleeping saints no longer waiting in the bosom of Abraham but able to be with Jesus.


@OJMCKEE I agree with @JTAnderson I believe that the the power of Jesus’ cruifixion actually caused some dead believers to be resurrected. I believe that this resurrection would be similar to Lazarus’ or other miracles Jesus performed rather than an eternal resurrection like Jesus experienced two days later.
He is the first born from the dead (Colossians 1:18).