Roald Gerber

Hi all! Good to be back here.

I am from South Africa. I actually was part of Connect but my old account no longer worked
after a long time away. But I have missed the conversations and look forward to being part of this community again.

As before, my hope is to be part of the discussion and give insight where needed but also to learn from everyone here. I am keen to contribute in any way that I can.


Welcome back @Drumroald! The door of opportunity has opened up a bit more for my husband and I to travel. I really, really, really hope to visit Africa! We do have a friend from South Africa so that increases the chances :slightly_smiling_face: Again, welcome back and enjoy engaging :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome aboard @Drumroald. I am glad that you have re introduced yourself and come alongside us once again. I hope you check in regularly and participate as often as you are able. I am sure the other members of the forum will be blessed by your input and your care. God-bless you and your journey.

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Welcome Roald it’s great to meet you blessings with grace as you seek truth.

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@Drumroald Nice to meet you!

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Welcome to Connect @Drumroald! Glad you are back!

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Welcome back, Roald.

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