Rob Craig

Hey, I am Rob. Out in the panhandle of Texas!

I was briefly introduced to connect by a friend, and wanted to check it out! I love RZIM, and am hopeful to learn a lot.

I think it will be good mental exercise to engage in discussion here as well as grow my mind to have successful evangelical discussions at the college campus I serve.


Yippie Ti Yi Yay - and welcome to Connect, @RobCraig from the Texas panhandle - I’m just a few miles east of you in Georgia - look forward to hearing from ya!


Hello Rob and welcome to Connect. The youth Pastor for some of my children who I got to know years ago is now the Youngstown University Director of Chi Alpha Ministries. My wife and his stay in touch via Facebook. I also knew not well though a Chi Alpha worker at VT.
I hope you are as blessed as I have been being a part of this forum. Thanks for coming in.


Welcome aboard @RobCraig. Good to have you connecting with us. How’s Texas this time of year? I live in Michigan in it is bitter cold and has been snowing in mid April. It’s supposed to be April showers bringing mayflowers. But, I get to converse with you so that is good. I hope you enjoy this forum and are able to engage in many fruitful discussions. God-bless you and your journey.

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