Rob Halverson

Say hello…Thank you for the opportunity to join.

Where are you from?..West Coast Oregon

What led you to join Connect?..I have watched Ravi on numerous occasions and have loved the truth that he is able to bring forth. Such a gift. Was researching a scripture and ended up on one of the Connect sites…Very informative, very respectful, enjoyable.

How do you hope to contribute?..With years of biblical study, given time available, I would love to participate in some of the discussions that occur.


@nwegian1 Nice to meet you!

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Hello Rob it’s always great to meet new brothers seeking wisdom and knowledge. Welcome, jump right on in it’s a warm inviting place to learn.


Welcome Rob! Looking forward to your contributions! ◡̈

Welcome Mr. Rob!

It it so wonderful you have joined!

Yes sir, you will surely have an opportunity to participate in many discussions ! I am looking forward to seeing you as discussions are open and waiting!



Welcome aboard @nwegian1. It is amazing what you come across when you are researching isn’t it? Glad that you found us and are connecting here from Oregon. Please consider engaging is frequently as you are able especially with your background and experience in biblical study. I am certain some here will be blessed by your guidance and care. I trust you will be blessed as well as you delve in to some of the great discussions that await you here. God-bless you and your journey.

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Welcome to Connect @nwegian1!

Welcome to Connect Rob @nwegian1 I am so pleased to meet you and I am looking forward to learning from you. We welcome your insights in the conversations. Congratulations
With love
From Nigeria