Rob Hussey

Say hello…

Hey everyone!

Where are you from?

I am from Boston Massachusetts.

What led you to join Connect?

I found Dr. Ravi to ask and question things I have never even considered. Such interesting topics for discussion that most people want to avoid. I want to get to the bottom of understanding in hopes of true salvation.

How do you hope to contribute?

I hope to take what I learn from this ministry and use it for good. I hope to ask meaningful questions. I hope to learn about and have complete humility no matter what the circumstances may be so I can pass it on to others around me. I hope God will lead me to contribute to the best of my ability as I am extremely blessed. I hope to eventually be in a position where I can connect with and help those who are truly suffering.


Hi @Rob11,

Welcome! I lived in Boston for seven glorious years! I mainly enjoyed the spring and early fall… but the people were outstanding and I had a great time in your beautiful city.

Your heart for how you want to contribute is so encouraging. I sometimes experience online conversation to be quite toxic - not everywhere, but too often. I am grateful that this community, as best I can tell, and with thanks to the Lord, is a space where humble, respectful, kind interaction takes place every day - in a way that orients people to the Bible and to worship God. It would be our joy to see you become active and learn from one another. I so appreciate hearing from my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world through the discussions here.


Thank you for the kind welcome and thank you for making this community possible! I look forward to meeting you all and am excited to be apart of it.


Welcome aboard @Rob11. My partner in my firm is Massachutsan. From Worcester (sp). Glad you have joined connect. I think you will find it a wonderful experience especially for the interests you wrote about. God-bless you and your journey. I loved your hope:

This is a place that can be realized with the Spirit’s guidance. :slight_smile:


Welcome @Rob11, what an inspiring introduction, thank you! My mother n law was from Worcester. I look forward to your thoughts and insight out here in the conversations. Take care and enjoy browsing :slightly_smiling_face: