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I heard the news Dear Ravi thank you so much for opening up scripture for me , I am not academically minded and failed at schools ; led a hedonistic lifestyle till I got married and then came to the Lord aged 31 now I am 57 , you have been my favourite Christian Apologist, I listen to your talks over and over again , and your words live again as I memorise and repeat those same words to my lost and unsaved friends , till we meet again soon in Christ Jesus see you at Home soon , Rob& Deb and the boys Jack, Harry, Charlie Smith
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Andover Hampshire England UK
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To Give Thanks to Ravis Obedience and Joy in Our Lord Jesus Christ

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Welcome to Connect, @smithy. Thank you very much for your message to Ravi. I feel the same way. I love listening to him and am impressed again and again by the way he talks about Jesus.

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