Robert Simmons

Just dropping a few lines to say hello from Augusta GA, which has been my home for 30+ years. Before that I was living in Beaumont, TX, where I attended university. And … before that I was born and raised in various developing countries while my dad worked for the United Nations in the medical field. My birthplace is Nairobi, Kenya.

I joined Connect in order to get more information on the Emerging Apologetics Program (EAP) but realized this is also a good opportunity to stay in touch with the organization, the ministry and students/participants.

I can’t claim to be on the level of a contributor (yet), but do have an avid interest in Christian Apologetics (evidential, presuppositional and existential). The community of skeptics & pluralists seems to be making more strides every day and I try to make an impact toward a theological worldview.


My goodness you have been exposed to a variety of cultures. That I believe is beneficial in relating to diverse thinking individuals., with thier unique philosophy. I know you will find a great wealth of knowledge as you progress. Thanks for sharing with us.


@rwsim727 Nice to meet you!

Welcome aboard @rwsim727. Glad you have decided to come alongside us. I think you will have a riot here. Your background is very diverse. You’ve had a lot of experiences which will benefit many members here when you share. Please do share your experiences and stories with us here as a contributor. You will be surprised as the spirit leads how many members will appreciate your input and time spent here. God-bless you and your journey.

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Welcome to Connect! You can be a contributor by asking questions!


Welcome to Connect Robert! This is indeed a wonderful place to learn. I think you may easily find that you have something to contribute just from life. Often people are encouraged when we share our experiences that may sometimes help them. God bless you as you join in the conversations here! :blush: