Robin R. Huff


I currently live in Houston Texas. I was born and raised, until the age of ten, in Oregon. We relocated to Montana, then back to Oregon then to Utah then back to Montana. That’s the condensed version of our many moves. Army brat? If only! Very mentally ill mother who drug her kids with her on whatever paranoia was driving her decision making at the time. Also a devout Jehovah’s Witness.

I was a sceptic of Jesus. Living a life of being abused, abandoned by my father, unhealthy marriages, more abuse and the cycle goes on. If there was a God he didn’t care about me. After a horrifying incident, I cried out to God and Jesus saved me in every way I needed to be saved. I found Jesus at age 48 years young. I have been an “all in” Christian for eight years now.

I found apologetics or it found me and I’m hooked. I know what a wall I had around me. Many times people tried to share Jesus with me and I would walk away thinking, “Yeah right.” I want to be better equiped to share Jesus with a hurting person who feels abandoned by God. I want to be better equiped to handle questions about my faith and be ready to give solid evidence, backed with biblical principles and covered in a lovely layer of sweet hope.

I love interacting with fellow believers. I am an encourager a sort of female Barnibus. I can also bring the perspective of my many years as a prior nonbeliever in a loving and good God. I know that wall!

Thanks for accepting me!


Welcome to Connect Robin! Thank God you have found Him. Your life experiences will certainly help you to be able to minister to others who have been hurting the same way you did. I am new to Connect as well and look forward to us learning from each other’s questions in the future! :smile:


Welcome aboard @RobinRHuff. What a story you must have. Thank you for sharing a piece of it with us. I hope you find this forum a welcome community. Your commitment and witness will be a blessing to many that are able to read it. In fact, if you are intrested in writing your testimony please visit the About the Member Testimonies category category. Thank you for coming alongside us. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey.


Wow! What an inspiring introduction! A very warm welcome to you @RobinRHuff. We are blessed by you already :pray:t3: Your testimony will be an encouragement to so many. We would also benefit from your experience as a JW. I have a wonderful friend who is JW. We have only talked once in depth and I hope to talk with them again. It’s Wonderful to have you here :heart:


Wow God is a life saver who never fails. Wonderful introduction, so glad you are here looking forward to hearing more. God bless and keep you.


Wow @RobinRHuff! Welcome! Your story is inspiring and I am sure Jesus will use all your stories, the good ones and the not so good ones to teach someone else in need of Him.



Nice to meet you @RobinRHuff!
You have an amazing testimony and it’s so cool how God has been working in you and through you! You are such a light! May you always be an encourager :heartpulse: