(Rob Parsons ) #1

Hi everyone . My name is Rob and I’m from Canada. I first heard about this site last evening while watching an RZIM program on Vision TV. I decided today to sign up and check it out . I understood there were great question and answer boards as well as topic discussions so I knew it would be interesting and informative. Looking forward to meeting you and having some great conversation .

(Kathleen) #2

Welcome, @Rob1! So glad you have found us here on Connect. Look forward to seeing you around. :slight_smile: What are some of the discussions/topics that interest you the most?

(Rob Parsons ) #3

Hi Kathleen. Thank you for the welcome. Some of the things I’ve been thinking about and I guess wrestling with lately have been in the realm of what constitutes " the world ". I know movies and music depicting ungodly themes are an easy no no but I’ve been trying to draw a spiritual line in the sand with worldly things and sometimes that line gets blurred. I want to honor Christ with my whole life but do we come home from work and watch Christian television and movies all the time ? That’s a lot for a reply I know lol

(Joshua Spare) #4

Welcome, @Rob1! I’m so glad that you decided to check out our community here! I look forward to seeing some of your contributions on the discussion boards! Welcome to Connect!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #5

Welcome @Rob1 to the Connect community! I’m so glad you chose to give us a look-see and hope you’ll stay and be blessed (and a blessing) from the time spent here. Again, so glad to have you! God’s blessing

(Anthony Costello ) #6


Nice to have you with us, Rob! I look forward to interacting with you here on Connect. It is the best place I’ve found to have really good, and very charitable, conversations about Christ and Christianity. I think you will be well served here. God bless you, and I hope this will be the forum, where you can engage deeply and respectfully with so many other followers of our Lord Jesus.

in Christ,

(Rob Parsons ) #7

Thank you for the warm welcome Anthony. I’m excited to be here and looking forward to some Christ centered conversation !

(Rob Parsons ) #8

Hi Joseph. Thanks for the welcome ! I only heard of this site a few days ago while i was watching an RZIM program on Vision tv. So I decided to check it
out . I’m looking forward to some Christ centered conversation and fellowship !