Robson Beans

Hello there

I’m a Zimbabwean citizen living in Mauritius.

I stumbled upon Ravi Zacharias’ messages on youtube when I was searching for answers to life’s toughest questions.

I hope to contribute with information from my own story in the walk with God. I hope it can help someone somewhere


Hello, Robson, and welcome to Connect. :slight_smile: it’s great to have you join us, and I look forward to reading more if your posts and questions. Were there any Ravi Zaharias resources or videos that have stood out to you?


Hi @crackerjax,

Welcome! It is a pleasure to meet you through this community. I look forward to learning and growing with you in the Lord. May we humbly encourage one another as we seek to be faithful to Christ in our respective situations.


Hi @crackerjax, it’s so wonderful to meet you! So thankful you “stumbled” upon Ravi, although, I highly suspect the Lord nudged you there :wink: and we are glad to have you here :heart: When you feel comfortable enough, we would be blessed to hear more of your story. There is a “Member Testimony” category if you feel led. In the meantime, enjoy browsing and feel free to engage.


Yes Robson. your contribution can help someone somewhere through the power of the Holy Spirit that works in us towards an ever-increasing glory which comes from Christ Jesus. 2 Corinthians 3:17-18.

You are most welcome with Jesus joy.

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Welcome aboard @crackerjax. Thanks for coming along side us even if you were stumbling. :slight_smile:. I hope this forum is a blessing to you and I trust you will find the discussions helpful and engaging. Let us know what we can do or pray for you. God-bless you and your journey.


The video that stood out the most was Why I Believe Jesus - Ravi Zacharias. I was at a point where I believed that every religion is just socially conditioned and I was losing my fire.

I just thought I was a Christian because I had been socialized into it and I was not certain about my own faith.

But Ravi explained how Christianity answers the 4 questions of Origin, Purpose, Morality and destiny in ways I never imagined. I also watched videos in which he explains his experiences in the East and how the other religious texts like the quran are fundamentally flawed. This has massively changed my thinking and a lot of scripture that did not make sense to me now does.

What I can say is that I had fallen into the trap of feeding my mind with worldly ideas and concepts of relativity and subjectivity and my own mind was my problem. It had led me to a point where believe I had existential anxiety. but God gave me purpose and I am strong as ever in my walk. I will share my testimony in a much more structured way soon.


Thank you so much. Right now many questions I had have been answered by posts i saw on the forum and some videos on the YouTube channel. I have a few left but I’m not bothered by them for I know I will eventually find answers maybe here or from wherever God leads.

But, I need prayers to get guidance on a career move I intend to make.


Thank you

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Praying that God grant wisdom and discernment in your quest.

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