Roderick Perez

Hello dear friends and fellows in Christ Jesus!

I am from the Philippines and have come across the name of Ravi Zacharias through a mentor I’ve had more than a decade ago, being a brilliant apologist and a philosopher. Something I was not able to fully grasped then, till now…

In my growing interest and widening perceptions of prominent world views through Ravi’s adept at discourses and fluent use of language like a chef uses a knife skillfully to cut finely through the grain of meat and turn them to gourmet and so on so forth. He doesn’t only efficiently deliver, but he also serves it with honesty and compassion. This passion of his is something that I’ve realized what God has planned for me all along.

I hope to contribute in my own small way as an apologist that would help “believers think and the thinkers believe” with compassion and a humble desire to be a vessel for GOD’s honor. Lastly, to become a donor and supporter to RZIM where it would matter the most.


@K4M1 Nice to meet you!

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Thank you, and so am I.

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Thank you for such a heartfelt introduction :heart: Welcome to connect @K4M1! I pray the Lord will bless your desire to be a vessel of honor. Something we all strive for :pray:
I look forward to your interaction here :slight_smile:


Maligayang pagdating, Roderick @K4M1 !

May this site be all you hoped to find in it!


Welcome aboard @K4M1. I love your heart. Let it be solid and persevering –

God-bless you and your journey.

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It’s heartwarming to know that though cultures and languages apart, our faith in the Lord and compassion for the lost transcends all limitations and boundaries which in reality presents itself as valid (reason) discouragement for many desiring to follow this not so travelled path.

thank you.


Salamat po, @jlyons! looking forward to a glorious future ahead!

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