Rohit minz

Hi, I am living in India from a small City called ranchi,Jharkhand.
I am willing to show my all interest to gloryfy god and his marvelous works.
I hope to believe in him always and give all my heart,mind and soul to the lord.
I am very thankful to RZIM connect to bring this kind of platform to be one with the lord.
May God richly bless all.


Hello @Minz.rohit15 Thanks for connecting. God Bless.


Welcome to RZIM connect. God’s blessings on you richly


Hello @Minz.rohit15, welcome from America to this great and beautiful family called RZIMconnect. So glad to meet, thank you for sharing as you have and testifying for the Lord your commitment to Christ. May He and your new friends here be a continual blessing to you as you grow and share.



Welcome to connect @Minz.rohit15. So glad to have you joining from India. I hope that you enjoy the categories and the discussions. I hope the forum edifies your faith path. God bless you and your journey.


Sir,I am thankful to God that I have got to know RZIM connect. Dr Ravi was the greatest apologetic and Pastor I got to know in my life all my respect and honor to him.Amen

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Thank you so much Melvin & may God bless you too…

Thank you so much Mike. Looking forward to be part of the team. God bless…

Thank you so much Kel. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. God bless…

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Welcome to Rzim rohit. God bless you andd I pray youre greatly edified during your entire stay here​:grin::grin::grin: