Romans 1 added in later

I recently had someone tell me that Romans chapter 1 was added in later and the whole book wasn’t even written by the Apostle Paul. Has anyone else ran into this argument? Are there any resources I could use to help me with this argument? Thanks in advance.

Hi Sandee,
Have you got any resources to link to that suggests that Romans 1 was added later? I did some searching and can’t find any resources online that says that Romans 1 was added later. Romans 1 claims that Paul was the author.

From the point of view of the structure of the book, Romans 1, 2 and 3 show that all are sinners.


  2. The Need Of The Gentiles ( Rom 1:18-2:16 )
  3. The Need Of The Jews ( Rom 2:17-3:8 )
  4. The Universal Need For Salvation ( Rom 3:9-20 )

As Paul wrote Romans, it’s hard to understand why he would have missed his founding argument that the Gentiles were sinners, when in chapter 2 and 3 he states the self-righteous and the Jews were also sinners.

Romans 2:1 starts with ‘therefore’; and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard preachers say in messages “if you see a ‘therefore’, go and look what it is there for”; ie; go and look at the preceding chapter for some context because it’s a linking statement. This avoids proof texting, just taking a verse out of context to support a person’s own viewpoint. If Romans 1 was added later, Romans 2:1 doesn’t make sense because it’s linking statement.

Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things (Romans 2:1).

The ‘therefore’ is in the greek, and listed as a conjunction; (

You also need to consider that the chapter and verse markers weren’t added until much later:

Also of interest;

I would ask what evidence is available to support your friends accusation; If we read the contents of Romans 1, we can easily understand why a person would want to try to remove it from the Bible.

just a few starting thoughts, hopefully others have more… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the thoughts. I’ve also looked and couldn’t find any reasons for what he was saying. Apparently he has been listening to Google. I don’t trust Google as a reliable source. I think it was more that they don’t like what it says about what God wants for our lives and obedience.

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Sometimes we don’t want to see Scripture passages that contradict our choices and preferences. It becomes easy to either ignore them, or consider them as invalid “add-ins”.

Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. (as they say…)

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Thank you for your question, lets take a look at it.

Romans 1:1a. Paul,…
When we wright a letter we say who it is from at the end, but in biblical times the author comes at the start.

In Vs. 7 we see who it is to, the Christians in Rome.
We do know Luke traveled with Paul and at times wrote for him, but they were Paul’s words. The same is true about Mark (John Mark) who wrote for Matthew.
Something being dictated by and written by are taken as the same.
But, I have the feeling that this is not what this 'Someone" was saying.
God did not pen the scripture, but we say it was written by God.
Resources: There are many and most can be found in a good study bible such as
the ESV Study Bible. It gives many helpful commentaries at the start of each chapter.
Remember this “Paul” , that he said was not the author of Romans, also told us to “Look out for false teacher that will come in among you”. So, keep asking and searching and seeking, the Holy Spirit will guide you in truth, and you will find it!
But, do not be quick to prove the Bible and what it says, ask those that deny its truth to prove their claim first, that is how you show them their error.

God bless you Sandee…

thank you…

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