Romit Biswas


I’m a teen from Kolkata,

My only desire is to Be a good person in heart&mind and help others with a right conscience and content heart in the midst of wilderness where theres so much of confusions and fight, and thats only possible through Christ Jesus.
RZIM had truly impacted me in learning and understanding various aspects in a simpler way apart from the Living Word of God .
As I learn in the process I too want my fellow buddies to know the only Truth The Way and Life in a more simpler tone as most of times when we are right and true among all lies of the world we try to loose our cool and fail to keep the Love. I want to learn and help other learn by the Grace of God.


Nice to meet you Romit!

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Welcome @Romit and thank you for such an endearing introduction :heart: As a teen, you have already shown wisdom in wanting to speak Truth in a respectful manner. I pray the Lord will bless you as you continue to learn, grow and share Jesus with others. Take care :pray:


Welcome, @Romit! I am encouraged by your heart for evangelism!


Welcome aboard @Romit. So glad to have you joining at such a young age. I love your mission and your acknowlegement that sometimes discussions do get to a point where they do not need to be. Be gracious and attractive in your conversations. Keep your heart steered in the direction of helping your buddies. We will do what we can from this end to assist you in that process. If you do have questions please post them. There are many very caring members here who would love to assist in any way they could. God-bless you and your journey.

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