Ron Livaudais


(Ron Livaudais) #1

Hi everyone, it’s good to be among familiar faces and some not so
familiar. This is a wonderful way to engage and stay engaged as we
encourage each other and pray for each other in the good times and
what may seem to be not so good times. God is with us, in us working
through us to do His good pleasure!

(SeanO) #2

Amen! May the Lord make you to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ through your interactions with this wonderful community! May His Spirit fill your heart and soul and lead you in green pastures! He is the Good Shepherd!

(Helen Tan) #3

Hi @ronliv2004, welcome to Connect. Good to see you here and looking forward to hearing from you.

(Ron Livaudais) #4

Hi Helen, nice to be with you, a fellow past course taker. Glad we are in
the same community and am looking for positive exchanges for
the glory of God!

(Keldon Scott) #5

Welcome aboard @ronliv2004 Good to have you. I am certain your input will bless many here. Are you thinking about taking the science elective?

(Ron Livaudais) #6

Hi Keldon, I remember you as a thoughtful and insightful class member
also. Glad we are in this community as well. You never know who God
is going to cause to cross one’s path and/or recross it.
I’m not taking any classes right now, but apologetics is always in the
forefront of my thinking; Always asking questions and with God’s
help answering them while at the same time trying to connect the head and the heart as only the Holy Spirit can join together.
How are you doing these days? Any specific prayer requests?

(Carson Weitnauer) #13

Hi friends, in case anyone was following this conversation, I made a few posts that were intended as private messages into private messages.