Ron Pierce

Good afternoon…

I am from all over. Lived in Africa, Europe, and Asia (military assignments). I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida. My family and I have lived here for 28 years.

You have changed the web site. This is new. I have supported RZIM financially for about 15 years. I have all of Dr Zacharias’ books and all those of Dr Lennox.

I am a graduate of Biola University (apologetics course). I am also an Arabic linguist and former Arabic teacher (US Army Special Forces). I still read and write Arabic but no longer speak so well. I am semi-retired except for homeschooling my grandchildren. I am an evangelical as is my family going back almost 400 years. I can contribute to discussions in Islam, and its language and apologetics Plus there a few passages in the Quran that puzzle me. I had hoped to ask Dr Qureshi about them, but he died before I could contact him


Hey Ron I’m glad you joined the RZIM family!!!


Welcome to connect @ronaldpierce287. It is so good to have you here. Your background and study will be a great asset for this forum. I hope that you enjoyed the discussions and please do encourage new members and those that are struggling with certain issues. And God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect @ronaldpierce287. You have traveled much and that is plus point. We get to know the culture, tradition and religious life of different nationalities, races and communities. Yes, I too feel that Nabeel Qureshi left us too soon. I find relief in the fact that God knows best and I am only required to trust his ways and plans even though I don’t understand. Your knowledge of Islam will surely benefits me and many other members of this forum.
Be blessed.


Welcome to Connect Ron,

Your knowledge of Islam will be great to add to all the discussions about it. Dr. Andy Bannister is a well of information to answer any troubled passages from the Quran. Abdu Murray has carefully explored personal experience in Islam also. So now we can learn from you guys.

Ken :canada:


Hello Ronald Pierce. Good to see you and hear from you. Have you tried the Abdu Murray podcasts yet? A good resource. Hope to see you again on Connect.