Rooble Varghese

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This is Rooble here from Scotland, United Kingdom. I have just finished the Core Module here at RZIM and what a blessing it was! I am already looking forward to the next elective. I am married and a Software Consultant by profession, brought up in a Christian family.

I have absolutely loved the discussion forums during the Core module and have contributed whenever I could and hope to do the same here too. The Core module has been a blessing both in my personal walk with Christ and corporate evangelism outreaches as well. I look forward to learning lots here and my earnest prayer is that we will build up each other as we look to do life together and answer some really deep questions.

God bless you all :slight_smile:

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Your passion and enthusiasm is contagious! Welcome @Rooble❤️

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Hi @Rooble,

Welcome! The core module is awesome, isn’t it? I’m so glad you’re going on to do an elective. I think you’ll enjoy all of them. As you have time and interest, we’d love for you to contribute to great discussions in this community too. Your training in the Academy will prepare you for the incredible diversity of questions we have here. I hope this will also be good practice for you as you engage in good conversations about these topics with your neighbors.