Roseann Spaulding

Hey Everyone,

I hail from North America, more specifically, the southern part.

The people in my core module class became dear to my heart and I wanted to continue that relationship, so I joined RZIM connect.

I hope to contribute by listening to peoples heart, learning from fellow contributors, then responding with grace.


Hi Roseann! @HopeforLife1
I love your reason for joining- I loved my Core Module group, too- something so special about the intense and fruitful time learning with others.
Connect feels very similar! A family of global Believers coming together to spur one another on…
Enjoy looking around, and exploring the great topics and conversations :heart:


Hello, @HopeforLife1, and welcome to Connect! Looking forward to reading more of your posts, and your approach to answering is especially beautiful.


Welcome aboard @HopeforLife1. Thank you for your care of relationships. Thanks for being willing to share your heart and the tenets learned in the academy. You will be blessed by sharing with others that have not had the benefit of the core module. The foundations you possess are so key. What was best in the class in addition to the very close relationships you built? God-bless you and your journey.


blessings welcome in JESUS name


Hey Heidi,

My core module group did seem like a family to me. We learned, shared, and challenged each other in many areas. Your words are well said, a “family of global believers.” Wow, we got to be a part of that rich interaction.


Hi Brittany,

Thank you for your kind words.

It is sobering to be answering not only a persons question but an actual cry of their heart. it is a daunting privilege.

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Hello Keldon,

My husband is from Michigan, grew up near Jackson.

I would answer your question with the rich teaching from various speakers, who have such diversity in culture and country.

Upon perusing your narrative, I sense how keeping people amicable can be quite challenging in your profession, however, I commend you on being prayerful towards your clients. In some cases, you may be the only one praying for the redemption and survival of their souls.

May God continue to strategically use your heart and integrity.

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