Roseanne Bauman

Hi Everyone,

I live in Ontario, Canada. I have just finished the Core Module and quite frankly signed up to Connect primarily in order to maintain access to the lectures from that course. I am currently taking the elective What Does It Mean To Be Human and very much enjoying it. It is pushing me out of my comfort zone to have more in depth conversations with my college students who represent a wide variety of worldviews. I do not spend much time on social media but am open to seeing where this connection goes.

Blessings to all God’s children!


Welcome Roseanne! @bausor68
So glad you’ve joined Connect :blush:
Similarly to you, I joined in hopes of re-watching the lectures from the core Module…but, then found this community to be so much more!
I hope you enjoy interacting and sharing with others in the forums :slight_smile:


Hi Roseanne @bausor68, Welcome to RZIM Connect! I am encouraged to hear that your course with the Academy has both challenged you and enriched your engagement with the students to whom you minister. So great that you are wanting to dig in deeper by accessing the course lectures further—I am delighted that has brought you to Connect and hope you will find it an excellent place to continue growing, being challenged, and contribute to the thinking of others with the unique insights from your life and experience.


Welcome on board @bausor68. So when you have joined especially after taken the core module. I hope you get an opportunity to re-listen to the lectures. More importantly I hope you have the opportunity to share the fundamental foundations that you have in your faith arsenal now with those here and who are in your path that don’t. Thank you for coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey.

Hi @bausor68, welcome to connect. We ar thankful to have you here. What are some of your most profound challenges with your students? I trust you will be able to glean from the many topics here and, I look forward to your insight into the conversations :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Roseanne!
Great to see you here! I’ve enjoyed your posts in the “What does it Mean to be Human?” course.
I think you will enjoy Connect!
See you around town!

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Hi @bausor68, i’m Also new to RZIM, where/how can you start the electives? Do you find them useful? Hope this board helps you as much as it’s helping me!

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Hi Joel,

When I finished the core module I was offered a discount on an elective. I also got previews for various electives. I think there is a listing on the website.


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Ok great, Thanks Roseanne!