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Hello! My name is Rosemarie and I’m from Tampa, FL. I am a Christian, a wife and a mom of two boys and I work full time as a physician anesthesiologist. I am excited to join RZIM Connect as I am eager to learn more about sharing the Gospel and being prepared to answer difficult questions regarding life and faith that are raised by my medical colleagues, neighbors, and even my kids. Having grown up in the church and following Christ since a young age, I am ashamed by my lack of training and preparation to defend my faith and share the Gospel (particularly in contrast to the many years I’ve devoted to becoming a medical professional). I am seeking to learn and grow with the help of RZIM Connect and other RZIM resources. I hope to contribute, as I learn and as God uses me, by sharing from my unique perspective as a physician who cares for cancer patients; as a wife and mother; and as a Christian seeking to mature and live boldly for Christ. Thank you for allowing me to join your community.

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Welcome to Connect, Rosemarie. :smiley: Praise the Lord for your heart to know Him more deeply and for your desire to show His love to those in your care. I’m certain your family and patients are blessed to have you ministering to them. Looking forward to hearing your medical perspective more in the threads.

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Welcome board @rosa681. So glad you have joined. Thank you for your heart and what you do in your profession. Seeking out the resources and the connection is awesome. I don’t know if you have considered the Academy or not but the core module and some of the electives are very very foundationally good. I look forward to reading your posts and God-bless your journey.

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Thank you so much @Brittany_Bowman1 for the words of encouragement and for welcoming me into your community!

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Thank you @Keldon_Scott for welcoming me and directing me toward some useful resources. I am looming into the Academy now.

(Keldon Scott) #6

My pleasure to help. Here is the table of contents for your edification for the Core Module. Check it out – you will not be sorry. :grinning:
[Lecture 1.1: Why Jesus? Ravi Zacharias
[Lecture 1.2: The Biblical Mandate for Apologetics Michael Ramsden
[Lecture 2.2: Believing Well: Epistemology Stuart McAllister
[Lecture 3.1: The 3.4.5 Grid *Ravi Zacharias"
[Lecture 3.2: Worldview as a Concept Andy Bannister
[Lecture 4.1: Creation and Design John Lennox
[Lecture 4.2: Trinity and Humanity Michelle Tepper
[Lecture 5.1: Can Man Live Without God? Ravi Zacharias
[Lecture 5.2: The Ontological Root of the Gospel Michael Ramsden
[Lecture 6.1: God and Morality John Njoroge
[Lecture 6.2: Moral objections to the Bible Amy Orr-Ewing
[Lecture 7.1: The Problem of Evil (Part 1) Os Guinness
[Lecture 7.2: The Problem of Evil (Part 2) Vince Vitale
[Lecture 7.3: God of Justice, God of Love Michael Ramsden
[Lecture 8.1: The Resurrection of Christ Andy Bannister
[Lecture 8.2: The Cross Vince Vitale
[Lecture 8.3: Christian Hope Tanya Walker
[Lecture 9.1: Understanding Islam Andy Bannister
[Lecture 9.2: Eastern Thought Ravi Zacharias
[Lecture 10.1: Naturalism John Lennox
[Lecture 10.2: New Atheism Alister McGrath
[Lecture 11.1: Doubt Tom Price
[Lecture 11.2: Why Trust the Bible? Amy Orr-Ewing
[Lecture 12.1: Extended Q&A
[Lecture 12.2: How to construct a response – an interview with Ravi

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Hi Rosemarie,

I, like you, have grown up in church and became a believer at a young age. As a result, I have understood how the Gospel has changed my life, but I lacked skills in being able to share it with others. I too, wanted to join this community to grow in learning how to share the Gospel and seek resources that I can point others too and will help me grow in my own faith while doing so.

Welcome to the community!

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Thank you @allegra.brown! Please let me know of any resources you found particularly helpful.

(Sieglinde) #9

Welcome Rosemarie!

(Carson Weitnauer) #10

Hi @rosa681,

I hope you will soon feel that RZIM Connect is your community too. I am really honored that you, with such a full schedule, would take the time to introduce yourself to the community. I imagine that both in your work and with your two boys that you are exposed to many dozens of challenging questions about the Christian faith on a regular basis. We would love to come alongside you and offer helpful perspectives on the issues you are encountering. And, as you have time and interest, we would like to learn from the wisdom that God has given you. The hope is to build a community of servant leaders who care for one another well. As we do so, many thousands of others who have similar questions are blessed by reading over the conversation.

All that to say… welcome! :slight_smile: