Rosemary Hagen

Rosemary from Central PA.

I have listened and learned from Ravi on the radio (WTLR) for decades.

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I want Ravi to know how much he is loved by people he has helped but never seen.


Hello @RosemaryHagen! Thank you for your post and we welcome you to this wonderful community. If you have not yet posted a tribute but would like to, please feel free to do so here:

I hope that Connect will be a valuable resource for you in your journey and drawing closer to Jesus. I can personally attest to the wonderful people that I am blessed to know and the wealth of useful and usable information I have found.

May you be blessed and we are thankful you have joined this community.

Mary Beth

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Welcome @RosemaryHagen. So glad you are here. Please share and feel at home. Look forward to chatting with you.

God Bless You.

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