(Roslyn Farmer) #1

I’m from Thornhill, Ontario. That’s part of the Greater Toronto Area.

I think this is a great opportunity to read some of the ongoing discussions and learn from them.

If I have familiarity with a topic and if I think anything I can add would be useful, then that’s how
I will contribute.

(Lou Hablas) #2

Welcome to Connect, Roslyn! You will indeed have many great opportunities to read and learn from the ongoing discussions, and your input and feedback is invited. I look forward to reading what you share. Have a wonderful day and may your time here be blessed and may you be a blessing to the Community!

(Daniel) #3

Hello @roslynfarmer781, welcome :grinning: Here there are many possibilities to exchange ideas and to deepen different topics. Maybe this link is a good start: Bible questions

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