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What Happened to Your Hands?

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Ravi Zacharias

"I have often referenced the quote by the talk-show host Larry King, in his response to a particular question: “If you could select any one person across all of history to interview, who would it be?” Mr. King’s answer was that he would like to interview Jesus Christ. When the questioner followed with, “And what would you like to ask him?” King replied, “I would like to ask him if he was indeed virgin-born. The answer to that question would define history for me.” The first time I requested permission through a common friend to use this quote of his, he sent word saying, “And tell him I was not being facetious.” I believe him. Who would not like to interview Jesus Christ?

It is not possible to live without asking questions—and what better source for the answers than the one who claimed to be the way, the truth, and the life? If one could only be face to face with him from whom life comes, how delightful would be those moments when the most confounding and painful questions of life are raised. Though unaware that they were walking with the risen Christ, the men who walked on the Emmaus Road said that their hearts burned within them as he opened up the past, the present, and the future. When they realized who he was, a light for all of history had been turned on.

“In the same way, it may be that when the time comes to sit across the table from the Lord of history, the answer to the skeptic and the believer will be more visible than it will be in need of utterance. This clue came to me in the form of a question inscribed on a painting I saw in a pastor’s office in P. R. Just before we went into the sanctuary, my eyes caught a glimpse of it directly in front of his desk. It was the picture of a little girl holding the hand of Jesus, even as he tenderly gazed at her. She was clasping his hand as she asked him, “Que paso con tus manos?”—“What happened to your hands?” That question, I suspect, contains the answer to the doubt of the skeptic, the duplicity of the believer, and the despair of the suffering.”

After reading this article again I feel blessed that Ravi visited my island. Trying to write a note at this time is difficult. What to say? I must admit I feel say, confused with the prognosis and with sickness situation in my family that I have to been able to accept. But in the meantime I really need to say #thankyouRavi and thank God for the honor of learning from you. Words fail me while my eyes get teary trying to write. I send a Puerto Rican hug to you, Ravi and your family. (We love hugging) As you can imagine tough times for us with social distancing. I’m glad that you are with your loved ones at this moment.
Still hopeful for good news and still learning good news are not necessarily the ones that I think should be. :pray::heartbeat::puerto_rico:

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Hello @Rroig What a beautiful tribute you have written to Ravi! I know he and his family are deeply grateful for your kind words and prayers during this time. We were told over the weekend that these tributes are being read to him daily and have given him joy.

We extend a hand and a warm welcome to you from the Connect community. We are thankful you have joined us.

We would love the chance to hear from and learn more about you and how the Lord has impacted your life through Ravi and this ministry. If you have any questions or topics you would like to bring up for discussion, this forum invites you to do so.

Thank you again for your tribute and may the Lord bless you on your journey.

Mary Beth

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