Russell Peele

I had to be beaten into a state of reasonableness by cocaine, alcohol, meth, depression… for years before I was willing to repent and surrender my life to Christ. He set me free on June 7, 2015 and he has kept me free.
I share this to welcome anyone struggling with any kind of addiction to contact me for support, prayer, and advice.
I was drawn to RZIM because I love philosophical and scientific defense of the faith. i practice these daily at my job - teaching computer science and calculus. Really, it comes up :slight_smile:
at this point, i’m realizing that I should have read the suggested specs for an intro post, but I did not, so I’ll call it good here and hope for the best.


@RussellP Nice to meet you!

Hi @RussellP nice that you are here, may God bless you, your friends and your family. :slight_smile:

What an introduction coupled with a testimony… God bless you and welcome

Welcome Russell @RussellP Congratulations, you are coming up on your 5th anniversary of being free, it must feel amazing to look back and see how far you have come. :tada:

Looking forward to having you here on connect.


Welcome aboard @RussellP. So glad that you have joined us at connect. I would love to hear your testimony. I hope that you enjoy the threads . I am confident that you will be able to provide direction and care to many who have been in your situation. Thanks for coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey .

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Welcome to Connect @RussellP

So good to have you here Russell it is a blessing to meet you my brother. I too would love to hear your testimony. Happy early 5th birthday in Christ. I am proud of your commitment to follow Him. We are in this together and here to come alongside and encourage you as a Barnabas. You will certainly inspired me and will others.

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