Ruth C

Say hello… Hi!

Where are you from? Western MI

What led you to join Connect? I want to be part of a group of people asking the difficult questions and learning how to respond to them but also growing in my ability to respond to the questioner.

How do you hope to participate? I look forward to reading the various posts and perhaps at times gently sharing insights I have gained in my faith journey.


Welcome to the RZIM Community @rmcarr1!

This is just the right place for what you are seeking. Dive in end explore the already existing threads or begin your own with thoughts or questions, as you feel prompted. May it only draw you deeper in your personal wall with Christ and more vibrant in God’s reflected light in you to the world.

Glad to have you here👍

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Good Afternoon Ruth, truly enjoyed the desire I saw in your intro to grow and help here on connect. We all must answer those hard questions and work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Hope you will find this community of believers a place to share your search for the truth.


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