Ruth marie romero

(Ruth Marie Romero) #1

Aloha from Hawaii. I am looking forward to being a part of this group!

(Sally Alexander) #2

Hello Ruth Marie,

Were you in the Core Class that just ended in April? If so, this is Sal from that class. I really enjoyed your comments and participation and am glad to see you here! Hope we can get to know each other better.

(Ruth Marie Romero) #3

i was in the core class that ended in may and started in February. were you in that one?

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(Sieglinde) #4

Aloha @Mromero8! Welcome to connect, so glad you joined :slightly_smiling_face:

(Heidi Mitchell) #5

Hey Ruth Marie! @Mromero8
Aloha! Which island are you on?
I lived on Oahu for 3 years (about 11 years ago :slight_smile:)
Needless to say- it was amazing.
Glad you’ve joined us, and looking forward to hearing more about you.

(Sally Alexander) #6

Yes! I remember you from my section. Glad you are here!

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #7

Welcome aboard @Mromero8. Aloha. Glad to have you connecting with us. Thanks for coming along side. May God bless your journey and your time here.

(Ruth Marie Romero) #8

i remember you too! you contributed thougtful comments and feedback. I’m glad you are here too!


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(Sally Alexander) #9

@Mromero8 Thank you, I remember you for the same reason, for your insightful contributions. Looking forward to getting to know you better. What have you been learning since the class?

(chris john) #10

hello and welcome

(Ruth Marie Romero) #11

Hello Sally. I have been pretty busy the core module ended, so I’m not sure what new learning I’ve had. I’m wrapping up my school year on June 3 then I will have 2 months off island to about 8 cities on the mainland. I feel like God has been doing a lot with me in a short time and I feel new beginnings and life changes are unfolding. I’m seeking God’s direction and asking to be aligned with my tribe. I really don’t have a community of believers around me like I desire. This is part of why I am enjoying the RZIM online academy. How about you? What are you learning that is new? Did you sign up for the Faith seeking Understanding elective starting July 11? I did! Remind me where you live again.

(Ruth Marie Romero) #12

Hi Heidi. I live on Lanai, a very small island about 25 minutes flying time away from Oahu. Thanks for the welcome. Where do you live now? Looking forward to this forum!


(Ruth Marie Romero) #13

Thank you for the greeting. God bless you also on this journey.

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(Sally Alexander) #14

Ruth, 8 cities! Sounds like you have a VERY busy two months ahead of you! What will you be doing?

Being aligned with your tribe - what all does that involve?

Yes, I am drawn to RZIM for the same reasons, like minded believers, especially groups of them, can be hard to find.

New learning, I am excited to do an inductive study of the book of Deuteronomy! Hope to start on that this week.

I will be taking Science and Engaging the Modern World. I will miss being in class with you!

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, snow country. LOVE it!

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(Ruth Marie Romero) #15

Sally let me know what you learn from Deuteronomy!

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(Lisa Vermaak) #16

Welcome Ruth! :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Heidi Mitchell) #17

Hi Ruth Marie @Mromero8
We are in Pennsylvania now. A loong way from HI. We moved back to be closer to family once we we were married. My husband visited Lanai with his “Try Wait” team…a youth abstinence program. I never made the short flight over there, though. I love how each island seems to have it’s own feel to it.
Hope you’ve been enjoying the forums and topics here! I’ve appreciated some of your contributions already :slight_smile:

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(Ruth Marie Romero) #18

Oh wonderful to hear Heidi. Try Wait sounds like pidgin, ha ha, cute. I have not made it to PA yet! I am enjoying this forum and thank you for reading some of my contributions. I don’t think I’ve read any of yours yet. Well talk to you later, enjoy.