Ruthann Pierce

(Ruthann Pierce) #1

Hello My name is Ruthann Pierce I Live In Glasgow Kentucky I joined connect when I saw it on one of the RZIM conference and thought that it would be interesting

(Lou Hablas) #2

Welcome to Connect, Ruthann! We’re so happy that you found Connect through an RZIM conference. Which conference advertised Connect? I’ve got to ask, are Glasgow, KY and Glasgow, Scotland somehow related - sister cities of some sort?

I hope you find your time in Connect refreshing and renewing, and may you be blessed by and a blessing to the community!

(Ruthann Pierce) #3

No they are not related it was how do I know my sexuality

(Tara Pauls) #4

Welcome to the community, Ruthann! I hope you will find Connect welcoming and a place where you can feel safe in asking all of your heartfelt questions. I know that I have.