Hi RZIM. How different are the courses in RZIM Academy and the OCCA? Both I know are excellent academic centers, but I am planning spending and committing my time right now on getting to know God better and building my relationship with him ever deeper. I am currently enrolled at the RZIM Academy Core Module, but I am still seeking to study again while I can. Many thanks and blessings! To God be the glory!

Hi @acegonzales,

Thank you for your message. While the goal of both programs is training in apologetics and the personal growth of its participants, the RZIM Academy offers online courses that are 8-12 weeks in length while the OCCA requires a much larger investment as students must spend a full year living onsite in Oxford. You can learn more about the OCCA One Year Programme here. If you have further questions, we would recommend that you contact the OCCA by emailing admin@theocca.org.

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Thank you so much @Brandon_Jeffers!! I just finished checking this out and quite convicted to actually push myself to get into the OCCA whatever the circumstances! Once again, thank you very much!
To God be the Glory!!

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