RZIM Connect: A Moderated Community

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Hi friends,

To sustain a respectful and kind community environment, RZIM Connect is a moderated community. We’ve all seen the troubling comments and culture that can develop in unmoderated online spaces!

To avoid that situation, and to create a great environment for growing to maturity in Christ, we have set up a moderation structure in RZIM Connect. Please take note that RZIM Connect is designed to equip Christians to build a stronger faith and respectfully share the gospel with their friends.

At the first level, we encourage you to take responsibility for your own posts. You have the power to set an amazing tone of respect and kindness in every word you post in the community. Please review our terms of service and FAQ if you have any doubts about whether or not a particular post is a good fit for RZIM Connect. You can also review our checklist for a good response - we want you to feel confident about contributing!

Second, if you see a post by another participant that doesn’t seem to be respectful, thoughtful, or appropriate, please flag their post. With dozens of active members setting a great tone and flagging posts that don’t meet our standards, we can protect and grow an amazing culture. We’ve written a brief tutorial on how to flag a post.

Third, we have a moderator team that will respond to flagged posts and proactively engage when they notice a post that doesn’t meet our high standards. Your moderator team includes @WarnerMiller, @KMac, and @jspare. You may also hear directly from me (@CarsonWeitnauer).

The moderators and some volunteers in the community also do some light ‘housekeeping’ for posts. For instance, we might retitle your post to make it clearer, add a tag, or move it to the right category.

If you ever want or need to reach out to a moderator, please message @connectmoderators and we will all get your message at the same time.

In the unlikely event that one of your posts don’t line up with our terms of service, you may get a gentle, friendly message from one of our moderators or from me. This heart behind these messages is always to serve the person we are messaging and to strengthen our community culture. We want Connect to help every member and visitor grow to maturity in Jesus.

I am grateful that you are participating in RZIM Connect. Every day, I love seeing the amazing ways that we serve God and one another in this community. Thank you for contributing to RZIM Connect!

What does a great contribution to RZIM Connect look like?
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