RZIM Connect for Google Android phone

Hi there,

My friend Sandi was trying to download this app on to her Google Android phone. She couldn’t see it. She could see the RZIM app but not the RZIM Connect app although she could see people had searched for it. Are you able to make the app available for people who have a Google Android smartphone?


This is what you should see. Hope this helps.

That’s the RZIM app not the RZIM Connect app which I am currently on, on my iPhone

Can you make it available for Android?

Hi Caitlyn,

We are working to release the RZIM Connect app for Android. The version we had released had become out of date. We have hit a technical challenge and we hope to resolve that soon. I apologize for the inconvenience. The best way to access RZIM Connect on an Android device right now is directly through a web browser.

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So is my Android phone running on fumes😀 I do have discourse as a backup.

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You’re good for now! :slight_smile: