RZIM Connect's One Year Anniversary

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

Today, RZIM Connect celebrates its one year anniversary on our current platform! (Our first launch date, on a prior platform, was on January 17, 2017). As we look back over the past year, I want to celebrate with you how God has changed lives through this community. Your collaboration and investment in the community is bearing fruit.

Over the past year, nearly 4,000 people have signed up, started 2,300 conversations, and posted nearly 13,000 times. Hundreds of you are using our custom RZIM Connect apps and getting notifications about new discussions.

By working together in this way, the community has created an incredible set of answers to tough faith and life questions that have been viewed a half million times. In fact, nearly half of those who visit RZIM Connect do so because they found us when searching online for an answer to their question.

But beneath the statistics are the very meaningful, personal stories of how God is changing our lives through this community – by removing doubts, increasing confidence in our faith, and giving us a growing passion to discuss the gospel with our friends.

Recently, you may have noticed some new features available to you:

  • Anyone can now purchase and immediately view premium content in Connect. Currently, we have four Zacharias Institute conferences available and plan to have another four or five conferences ready for sale in the next few months.
  • Anyone can now ask and receive answers for their Customer Support questions.
  • We are facilitating private Categories for alumni groups and program participants. The RZIM Academy was the early adopter here and they now host their Academy alumni communities in English, German, and French! You can expect to see more of these opportunities in the near future.

Ultimately, this community is an amazing place to grow as followers of Jesus because you choose to pray for this community, ask great questions, research and write amazing answers, and participate in each conversation with respect and empathy. I am so grateful to be growing with each of you!

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support of RZIM Connect! May we continue to depend on God, praise him for his work in our lives, and support one another as we seek to become mature in Jesus.