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RZIM Global Report: July 2020


In May, hundreds of thousands of people around the world watched the global livestreamed memorial service for Ravi Zacharias held at Passion City Church, giving thanks and glory to God for Ravi’s life. We’re emboldened to continue the race that Ravi ran so well, and we uphold and honor Ravi’s passion to speak, resource, train, and address the questions of millions of people from all walks of life, right across the globe.

This year, it’s such an encouragement to see how churches and church leaders have been impacted by the RZIM Academy. Since the lockdowns and cancelled in-person events caused by COVID-19, our speaking team is actively participating in online events around the world, engaging with all age ranges to proclaim the beauty and freedom of the gospel.

As we mourn Ravi, we also mourn the most recent examples of the evil injustice that we’ve seen in our world, and Michael Ramsden shares deeper insight on this in the global report video above, quoting a timeless message from Ravi in Ravi’s book Can Man Live Without God. As we seek to carry on Ravi’s heart to proclaim Christ’s gospel, and provide credible reasons for the hope that we have within us, it’s our prayer that through Ravi’s legacy and the hundred strong global team of evangelists-apologists here at RZIM, many more people will come to know the saving grace which can be found only in Jesus.

We want to say thank you so much for your continued support, love, and encouragement for us at this time. Because of your prayers and because of your support, we’re able now to take that hope and see people entering into that hope for the very first time as they encounter the person of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for your continuing to influence others worldwide and impacting every individual with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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:cry: :cry: :cry:I just cant stop crying since I’ve watched this. There is just a mixed feeling of joy and pain. I somehow wished I could have met face to face with Ravi before he passed on and also that I could partake with the online courses - though I’ve prayed about it and hope that by months end I should raise a little saving to help plan to start, How I wish I had a scholarship to begin with. I am happy that such tremendous effort is going on through this vision to win the lost. I hope to be an itinerant missionary. I feel it in my bones, and I hope to pursue it more and more until I see Jesus everywhere and in everyone :cry: :sob: God Bless You RZIM. I bless God for you guys. Oh Lord, We truly need You now, cos only You can bring forth beauty from ashes, only You can actually make crooked path straight, only You can cause such unity in diversity to have great impact like the church in Anthioch. Lord, do more. We release our lives to you, break us more, mold us more, and use us more. We are Yours, and You our exceeding great reward. In Yeshua’s name. Amen.


Hi @Bassey,

I’m grateful to hear how this has affected you. It is encouraging to see how God is working in your life!

I thought you might like to know that you can learn about requesting a scholarship for the RZIM Academy here:


Very pleased I watched this video. As a RZIM supporter I didn’t know the impact/numbers given here although they were no doubt mailed or emailed to me. Julia Garschagen’s @Julia were particularly impressive and uplifting for which I am thankful.

Bassey @Bassey your post above is wonderful. Please let us all know if you get that scholarship. The Core course is amazing.

My prayers continue for the future of the house Ravi built, RZIM. Somehow stating this publicly on Connect helps my heart which misses him greatly.


Thank you, Paul, for your faithful prayers for our team and your words of encouragement. It was in deed marvelous to see what God has been doing even in and through this crisis and how he reaches out to people´s heart in the midst of it all. He remains the firm rock and he has us, no matter what.
So glad you are part of the God´s mission to spread the hope we have in him.
Every blessing from Germany,


Certainly @pdangelmajer, I will.

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Just received this today Julia and wanted to share. You may have seen it but good communication is a divine thing! So wonderful to see Germany leads Europe in their Godly beliefs. Click here for Pew Research article.