RZIM Global Report: October 2019

RZIM seeks to share the beauty and credibility of the gospel in five key areas: business, politics, youth, academia, and the arts. In our latest global report, we highlight how God has used our team in some of these areas during the month of October.

Our team covered the globe last month. In Singapore, we held our first “Gospel and the Eastern Mind” symposium and our second Asia-Pacific Emerging Apologists Program (EAP). We had record numbers at EAP this year: more than twice the number we’ve seen in the past.

One of RZIM’s central areas of engagement is in the political sphere and RZIM President Michael Ramsden had tremendous opportunities to engage with those who influence culture in Lima, Peru.

Meanwhile, in Dubai, RZIM Senior Vice President Abdu Murray spoke on the topic “Clarity in a Culture of Confusion” at a church, which turned out to be the largest turnout the church has ever had.

At RZIM, we have a heart for the questions that young people are asking today and REBOOT is our global ministry initiative created to engage and answer those questions. To date, we have had over 15,000 unique questions texted in at REBOOT events across the world. Last month, we held the first ever REBOOT in the Dominican Republic. We’re also starting a new initiative to introduce REBOOT into schools.

A common question we receive from young people is on the topic of anxiety and RZIM Itinerant Speaker Tracy Trinita was able to give a talk on this important theme to a group in Kuala Lumpur.

Another one of RZIM’s core areas of engagement is in the academy. Last month, OCCA Senior Tutor Max Baker-Hytch was able to participate in a debate with one of Croatia’s leading intellectual atheists on the question of morality.

We hope you enjoy watching this update to see how God has used the team during the month of October. We couldn’t do any of this without your faithful support. We are so grateful you stand with us.