RZIM Meet Ups

Not sure that this question goes here, but was wondering if RZIM would ever consider starting Meet Ups so that groups of Christians interested in the modules, book reviews, etc. could be part of a group in their area as well as continue on line…or better yet, combine and have group discussions.



Hi @kelelek,

That’s a great question. At this point we haven’t planned to initiate any such meetups ourselves. However, we would certainly encourage anyone to organize a meeting of that sort if they feel led. We do host a number of conferences and events here at the Zacharias Institute, and those events are often livestreamed and the video content made available for purchase here on RZIM Connect in the Premium Content category. I know that many people have put together their own events, watch parties, or meetups in order to watch and discuss that content together or have even taken one of our RZIM Academy courses together. If any of these ideas sparks interest in you, we hope that you might take hold of the opportunity to put a group together through your local church or through other avenues in your local community.


Thanks for the information Brandon. :slight_smile: