RZIM Skeptics Night Livestream, March 29, 2019

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“Join us Friday, March 29, for another “Skeptics Night: Tough Questions, Real Answers.” The evening will feature RZIM’s Abdu Murray and Vince Vitale who will speak briefly on the topic, “Is Belief in God Delusional? Answering the Toughest Questions about God and the Bible.” Abdu and Vince will hold a live Q&A session afterward. All worldviews and questions are welcomed; we hope you and your friends will watch with us!”

The event will be at 7pm EST!


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We can watch and discuss it together here in Connect:

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“The delight of discovery” - I truly love this because I know how wonderful I feel when I’m learning something in a way that I had to seek it and then have the pieces fall in place and come together. There truly is a delight in discovery!

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I’ve often heard from people who have issues with Christianity or the God of the bible, or from some who have turned away from the church, that they were turned off by not having their questions answered. I appreciate that fact that skeptics have real questions that they truly want answered. I think that in a way they want things to fall in to place and to have the aha moments that some of us have experienced.

Have you ever been a skeptic with questions, or a believer with questions? How were those questions addressed at that time, and what was the eventual outcomes?

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“Pain is the signal of value”, wow.

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“The greatest possible being would express the greatest possible ethic, which is love … He doesn’t sacrifice for those who love Him, but those who hate him.”

I hadn’t even considered that at all, but it’s true, we all enemies of the Throne before we come to Christ at our appointed time.

“Questions aren’t at odds with the Christian faith.” !!!:heart_eyes:

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“Criticism without alternative is empty” - Vince goes on to talk about the big picture considerations, for example with creation.

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“Doesn’t the bible condone slavery, sexism, genocide?” That’s definitely heavy, but I think the operative word is “condone”. I recent was involved in a brief discussion on this topic.

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For those who come to this post after the livestream, the replay is available to be watched as many times as you would like.

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@LJan That final question was intense. I remember when one of my good friend’s best friends died without knowing Jesus in a sudden car wreck. Even as a very devout Christian, that was super hard for my friend to process. So let us pray with Jesus that the Lord will open the eyes and heart of this father to understand the tremendous love and mercy of Jesus Messiah! Sometimes the best answer is to fall in the arms of Jesus and experience His love shed abroad in the heart - may God grant this gentleman the grace to do so.

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Yes @SeanO! I was sitting here thinking and empathizing in regards to questioning why. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine passed as an unbeliever. She mocked God and was an admitted atheist - or claimed to be. That was hard for me. I can’t even imagine losing a child by any stretch of the imagination. My heart goes out to that father and he is definitely in need of our prayers.

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Thanks, LaTricia for guiding this discussion. I also enjoyed the quotes you highlighted. Abdu Murray’s reference to Thomas Bracken’s poem, “Not Understood,” also stood out to me.

Not understood, we move along asunder;
Our paths grow wider as the seasons creep
Along the years; we marvel and we wonder
Why life is life, and then we fall asleep
Not understood.

Not understood! How many breasts are aching
For lack of sympathy! Ah! day by day
How many cheerless, lonely hearts are breaking!
How many noble spirits pass away,
Not understood.

O God! that men would see a little clearer,
Or judge less harshly where they cannot see!
O God! that men would draw a little nearer
To one another, – they’d be nearer Thee,
And understood.

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considering the practicality of downloading and watching the video, could you save it as a podcast to listen to? That I can download onto my iPhone at full blast. However, being hard of hearing the best thing would really to be able to download the subtitles :slight_smile:

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I watched this video from March 29th. I especially liked Abdu’s response during Q&A regarding a question about being born homosexual. I thought it was an excellent response. I was 1 hour and 45 minutes into the video. I played it for my wife because I had it download on my youtube app. But they have since edited the video and removed that part of the video everywhere it was posted? I am dissappointed. Why would they remove it?

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@anthonynhodge, I’ve rechecked the video, and it hasn’t been edited to remove that question. The whole video is still available. That portion of the video starts at 1 hour 32 minutes in. Hope this is helpful!

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Greetings @Gerhard_G thank you for your feedback. Creating a podcast out of the livestream is way out of my wheelhouse as well as speaking on captioning. However, there’s an app that I use called Musi that allows me to access any video on YouTube without me having to actually watch the video like I would have to with YouTube. That would be one option that would allow you to blast it however you need so that you can hear it.

Also, while there are many videos on YouTube that has captioning available, unfortunately this video doesn’t have it available as of yet. But I did check and the previous livestream has the option available. I’m thinking it may be a matter of time where captioning is available, but it’s auto-generated it seems.

I hope this is helpful to you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! It has been edited as the original video was 2 hrs 23 min long, but I see the question just got moved in the timeline. Thank you so much for your help!

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You’re welcome! I think much of the beginning was probably cut down because there was a long period before the actual talks began and there was also a portion that was specific to the church at the end that was removed as well.

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Thank you RZIM for making this available.