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Thank you so much for a wonderful first REFRESH!

I would love to know how I, as a high school student, can become more involved in Apologetics.

If there is anyway I can volunteer or help out with RZIM Canada? I would be thrilled to do so.

Thank you so much and all the best,

Savannah D.


@Savannah.Dam it is wonderful to learn that you want to become an apologist. I love how Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 11:1, " Be imitators of me as I am of Christ." I look at Ravi and John Lennox in this way and am trying to immitate them.

I suggest you start learning apologetics by serving right here on Connect. Look for questions you can answer right here to help questioners grow in their faith. Look at answers by people like @Lakshmismehta @dan0647 and @SeanO to see how they respond to questioners with care and balance.

I also suggest you sign up for some RZIM Academy courses. Have you taken The Core Module yet? If not consider it as it is great! I have taken it as well as The Science Elective and the Why Suffering elective.

I hope these ideas help you on your journey in apologetics.



Lovely to hear that you had a great time at REFRESH! Its always exciting to hear of a youngster wanting to make the right choices for the glory of God. I agree with @brianlalor that serving on Connect is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of apologetics and ministry. He has given some great suggestions. Connect is blessed by wonderful contributions from people from a variety of different backgrounds with unique experiences and qualifications. Some stay and serve on the forum for years and some come and go according to the season of life or calling. Online forums have a unique advantage of flexibility in terms of time and commitment.

The number one focus in apologetics always must be our personal relationship with the Lord. Its in that relationship that we will find the strength, love and commitment to others who need the gospel. Our growth in love of the Lord is a powerful apologetic and it alone will help us to keep the focus on winning people rather than their arguments. We can speak with more conviction when we have the knowledge not just in our heads but also in our hearts.

Apologetics can be overwhelming and we can be eager to increase our knowledge quickly. However, if we work at it too quickly, it will also fade quickly. Best approach I find is to take one subject at a time and grow in it, by reading books on the topic, making notes, perhaps answering questions here on Connect related to that topic. The more you engage with what you have learnt, the better the grasp and the communication. To start for example - after developing some basic understanding on topics such as arguments for God’s existence, resurrection, the Bible, you could slowly move on to specific questions that you encounter frequently in your circumstance.

As far as book suggestions, a good mix of both books that provide theoretical and practical knowledge would be good. Books by J Warner Wallace and Lee Strobel are a great place to start. Mere Apologetics - Allister Mc Grath, is also a great introduction to apologetics with a practical bent engaging the heart.

I hope this gives some ideas on becoming more involved in apologetics. God bless your journey!