Sabbath observance

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Hi Dean, I took your advise and is enjoying the Sabbath day. In the midst of fear and much suffering it is a respite to set aside the day to rest from all these troubling noises. This day is certainly a time sanctuary, entering into the worshipful time frame to commune with our Lord.


Hey, Shirley, good to “read” you! I am encouraged that you (actually anyone also) responded to “the Sabbath challenge” i proposed. I’ll repeat it at the bottom of this post for those readers that don’t know what that means.

I did want to confess to you that i didn’t do so good yesterday (Saturday). I “remembered the day” several times, but i got caught up in the “virus fear-scurry” like most people.

And it could well be that i missed some real blessing because of it. Like going to the bank to get some cash before it isn’t available, and having too long a line to sit in too long so i couldn’t stay to get any $. Like going to the grocery store to get some “survival items” and seeing empty shelves for those items (but i got some other ones we needed).

Anyway, i have no reasonable excuse, it was just “lack of trust” that drove me – i could well have waited until today or tomorrow. In fact, today the bank had much faster access

You know, since i have had almost no response, other than yours, to “the challenge”, i was beginning to think that the Sabbath Command has been discarded or “given a low priority”, or something, by its Author. If there are any other persons who have tried “the challenge”, please share your experience, it would be greatly appreciated.

So, for those who don’t know, what is “the Sabbath challenge”? In simple terms, it is an experiment to see if Christ has any special blessing for you on the day He made special at the Beginning, and throughout the days of the loyal Israelites, the prophets (including Moses, of course), the disciples, and Jesus Himself.

The caution is that if the request to Him leads to any self-righteousness, judgementalism of non-Sabbatarians, guilt and self-condemnation or pride in oneself and one’s own efforts, then the “challenge” needs to be repeated without those add-ons.

But if Christ Jesus honors your request for evidence that He appreciates us remembering the Day and Command He carved in stone (twice, since Moses broke the first set of tablets), please share that with us. Thanks very much in advance, if you do.

And, Shirley, how about we try a “rest test” again next Day 7, and share here in this topic? Could be exciting…

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Well, Shirley, it is Saturday night, and it has been a most amazing Sabbath. I had opportunity to study His Word, speak His Words of hope and encouragement to a group of recovering folks/friends, and go for a slow, meditation walk in nature.

It seems to me He is blessing me in a stronger way for at least considering His special day as special. Could be psychological, i realize, so i will see how next Sabbath goes. But if it is anything like this one, i will take it as confirmation that i/we are on the right “track”.

Has anyone reading this posting had anything special and abnormal happen between last Friday sundown and today (Saturday) sundown? If so, thanks for sharing. If not, we wait until next Friday sundown.

Exciting possibilities! But i am also willing to be given clear indication that Jesus isn’t very interested anymore in the day He made special back then. Your call, Lord and Elder Brother.

(Recall He said that those who do the will of God are His brothers and sisters, didn’t He…)

Hi Dean,
It’s so exciting to read about your wonderful experience in Sabbath keeping. That made me understand the verse"God blessed the seventh day… " Genesis 2:3. I am trying to keep the Sabbath from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, and discovering there is a sense of peace ane lightness about, perhaps because I tried not to let other things enter my mind like bills to pay or worries of my secular work. Reading God’s word brought surrenity, and like you, sharing God’s love to others through His words or visiting the sick (meeting through online medium nowadays) bring a kind of joy and contentment.


Glad to hear of your experience, Shirley. And i’m looking forward to this Friday night. I think i will try to set things up Friday afternoon for the Sabbath, to see how that goes. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could enjoy Him for most of a whole day (maybe more if we count pleasant dreams Friday night…).

Any other readers here, you are welcome to join in “the experiment” of blessing the day Christ blessed (Gen 2:2-3). Feel free to share your experience / insight, pro or con.