Sabrina Gutierrez

I am a wife, Mom, and Grandma living in Texas, USA. I’ve been a Christian all my life, with a few ups/downs/ebb/flow in my relationship with God. Most recently, I find myself still wrestling with Him after a catastrophic accident occurred in my family almost 3 years ago. Though I continue to walk with God through this struggle, I know that I need to move forward in these two areas: I need a deeper understanding of who He is, and a clarification- for myself- of why I believe in Him. I’m here to explore these topics. As I learn, and as I feel I can provide hope-full perspective from my journey, I hope to contribute to the spiritual growth and encouragement of others here.


Welcome, Sabrina! We are really glad that you have joined us.

Thanks so much for writing such a vulnerable introduction – I feel like I already know you. Connect is a great place when it comes to forwarding understanding and getting clarification. We want to hear your questions – as difficult as they are – and we’ll wrestle with you as we think through them seriously and prayerfully.

What a blessing it is to have someone who also aims to contribute to the spiritual growth and encouragement of others here! Often, just asking a question encourages other people by reminding us that we’re not alone in the things we’re wondering.

Thanks for joining us - I am looking forward to learning from you and am already inspired by your authenticity as we grapple with serious and important questions about Jesus.


Welcome, Sabrina! @Shantina
So glad that you are here :heart:
I second Olivia in her response :slight_smile:
Thanks for being here with us, Sabrina…looking forward to hearing from you in the forums.
Be blessed!


Sabrina welcome😊
And you have some great questions.
Suffering in our lives can be one of the hardest things to reconcile in our walk with Christ.
But I know through my own journey He is faithful!
And He understands and He can handle anything you ask of Him.
You’ve come to a great place to learn!
I’ll pray for you in this journey :pray:t2: