Sacred Mother NOT Father God

So I recently came across an objection to the traditional sanctity of marriage, as defined by Biblical standards. And upon responding too woman’s original objection that God did not create marriage that marriage existed long before god, I received a response that I have never heard before. I was hoping to get some more insight into this particular worldview.

This person argued that God did not create anything, that he actually corrupted the creation of the sacred mother. That creation lies in the body of the woman, and therefore the corruption of that power by men is evil. That God sought to take control of creation himself, using the weakness of men to take power for himself. She continued on with abuses done in the name of God, and the corruption of what was actually sacred has all been done for his “glory.” Also, she suggested that now, what we are currently seeing is the rejection of his (God’s) control, and the return to what was actually sacred: women being the original creators and ultimate powers in the universe. She stated that there was no sanctity in what God created at all, and that the enslavement of women, the rejection of all other forms of worship, the murder of innocents all for his glory shows him to be nothing more than a pathetic, jealous god. And she ended her statement with Yahweh being a fraud.

She certainly unpacked a lot of baggage in that statement, and I certainly have thoughts that address each individual point she made, but what I’m hoping to do is get a better, clearer picture of where this worldview comes from originally. I’m not looking to get into a she said-she said back and forth, but I am certainly wishing to put a pebble in her shoe, perhaps giving her a more accurate view of the truth of God and Christ. However, I do not even know what to focus on since so much was unloaded.

Any information on the more feminine focused world-views, how to proceed with a loaded argument like this, and how to steer the conversation back to the truth of the Word would be helpful. I realize this is a lot, but it’s a relatively new introduction to this Biblical objection for me.
Thank you all so much!
For God’s Glory,


While I don’t have a ton of research I would just say that there are many who choose to believe things that are convenient with their comfort zone and feeds self adoration. It’s possible that she was hurt by a man early in life and is kind a man hater. Feminism can really be appealing to those who are angry at a man and put it out on all male figures including God. But, we follow the scriptures as Christians and so our answers come from there. Sometimes the least, gentlest rebuke or disagreement can close doors forever, if they are already on edge. Just love her and wait for God to proof himself. <3

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Thanks @kim1john19! I ended up simply asking for some sources for where she gets her beliefs. I shall see if she responds with anything to help me understand her viewpoint better. I have not had great success in having good, meaningful conversations with people I meet on social media. But I suppose in our culture, that is the nature of the beast. We can conveniently hide behind our profile pictures and our “screen names” and no one knows who we are, or where we come from. I do long to have a good conversation with someone where I am able to find a connection with them in some way, but it is rare. So I will pray for her, and wish her well in finding Truth in the mean time. Thanks for your response!
Grace and peace to you,


I agree that this is a very interesting worldview.
And it seems she has made many claims that are easily categorized in the beliefs within origin, meaning, morality, and destiny.

The statements regarding Origin:

I don’t know how much you have already been communicating with her; however, here are some follow up questions you might consider asking her:

“So do you believe in a duo-God system? If you believe woman was the creator and God came into the picture and changed things up, does that mean that you believe woman and God are both equal in power—woman creating, and God having enough power to usurp woman’s creation by changing things up on her? How do you define who God is? If God is the officiator or creator of life then would you say god is simply a synonym for woman? But if God is whoever overturned what the woman created, wouldn’t that conclude that God would be more powerful then the woman—making the woman less then God? If that is the case, how would you explain how something less then God could be the ultimate instigator for life? Do you believe that the woman created God? How did you determine that?” (From here, hopefully you can lead the conversation into how we know which superior [God] is the correct one.) Who do you perceive God to be? What brings you to that conclusion?”

You may also consider asking: “Who/What determines who God is and what God does? See where her answers go, then see how you can point it to the gospel.

When someone acknowledges there is a supreme being, there are so many ways that can be used to tie it to the gospel, because a belief in the existence of a highest being implies there is personal accountability to it. Then you may be able to step in and help her know who the supreme power is that she believes in. The purpose is to get her to contemplate why she holds to the beliefs she does. Where do they originate? Are they true? And see if her questioning herself propels a hunger for finding truth.

On the feminist note: When she can realize Who the One true God really is, it may lead her to the truth that she, as a woman, is valued and special, and has an opportunity to find a dynamic personal life in our God.

These were some thoughts I hope helped. But maybe some others will have some good insight they would like to share.


@ChristinaLinzey Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I do believe that sometimes when we come across things we are unfamiliar with we have to step back and look at it from the outside, because in the moment it can be overwhelming. I so admire all the RZIM speakers in their ability to come up with answers that satisfy and inform, on the spot. It’s so very amazing!! Thank you for this help. I will definitely jot these down and if I ever get a chance to ask them, I certainly will draw from them. They’re very probing questions and I love that!
God bless!


I am glad they were of aid. May the LORD guide you and I as we endeavor to reach the world for Christ!


Amen! :heart:


I have also been corresponding with a person who has “unloaded” a concoction of beliefs that I am struggling to unmix/unravel and respond to, so I appreciate specific questions like Christina gave. My friend, (actually relative, who is a different nationality and background from me) believes that the 12th c. Cathars (a heretical group suppressed by the Catholic church) were on the right track. She believes in the dual nature of God (male/female,) that Jesus came to bring the same message of light as other, earlier groups like the Essenes and Sumerians. She believes in conspiracy theories regarding the Freemasons and Satan and that demons are in charge of the world. She believes that “we are one with the divine and separate from him/her and that we have to find our way home to our source; the father/ mother God.”
I believe that many of these beliefs come from ancient Egypt and fall under the name “Christic Light.” Though I am a mature Christian who is rooted and grounded in the Word, I am struggling. She thinks we are both on the same page but we are not at all! (By the way, Michaela, my maiden name was Boyd.)


Hi @jeanne,

It’s too funny about the last names. This is my married name, so I “joined” the Boyd clan :wink:. But in my husband’s family the only way they have any women in their clan is by marriage. Everyone had only boys. Haha!!

I am so very appreciative to @ChristinaLinzey for her response because those kinds of questions are the type that do not necessarily fly into your brain when you’re in the moment. I tend to become tongue tied even if I know something about a topic. When I know very little about a topic, it’s even worse. :upside_down_face:
I hope that you are able to find satisfactory questions and answers in your conversation with the person you are speaking with. I have yet to get a response from my last interaction, so I have no idea if I ever will have a chance to ask any of those wonderful questions. (I truly do hate social media as an avenue for witnessing and ministry)
The world is just so crazy these days, and I wish that I were better at the on-the-spot conversing part of apologetics. However, if I am never given the opportunity then it was not meant to be. Divine Providence certainly takes a load off of our shoulders.
I pray that you will have fruitful conversations and that you can plant some wonderful seeds to water and nurture as the years go by. God is amazing with what He can do with such a meager offering as we are capable of giving. :heart:
Grace and peace to you,