2 Kings 3 vs 27
What transpired here?
Great wrath befell the Israelites…???

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@Alexander_Marozhe it seems that in this time human sacrifice would happen. The following excerpt is taken from Dr. Thomas Constable notes on 2 Kings:

Kir-hereseth (modern Kerak) stood on an easily defended hill. In the ancient Near East nations generally viewed defeat in battle as a sign that they had offended their gods who were punishing them. For this reason Mesha offered the supreme sacrifice, his heir to the throne, to Chemosh, the Moabite god (v. 27). Mesha’s sacrifice of his son was an integral part of an age-old Canaanite tradition of sacral warfare. It virtually guaranteed, from his point of view, that his god would save the lives of the entire population under siege.22

This sacrifice expressed Mesha’s great wrath against Israel. The battle meant everything to him. Nevertheless it was not that important to the members of the alliance that opposed him. All they wanted to do was keep Moab from revolting. Therefore the allies departed from Mesha and returned home having won the battle even though they could not take Mesha’s stronghold.

From his perspective the verse simply means that Moab was very angry with Israel.

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Thank you for shedding this light on the Scripture,most grateful.