Sagai Sagayanathan

(Sagayanathan) #1

Hello connect,

I am from Pune, India. I have been following RZIM for several yearrs now and wanted to explore Connect.

Already had couple of my questions answered, I am finding the Ask Away section very useful.

Hope to learn and pray that I become worthwhile responding to questions.

Thank you.

(Ty Bolen) #2


Hoping I said your name correctly in my mind lol. Anyways, welcome to connect my brother!!

(SeanO) #3

@sag0612 Welcome to Connect! So glad you’re joining us and enjoyed your questions. May the Lord Jesus bless you in all that you do. Look forward to more good conversations.

(Sagayanathan) #4

Thank you. Sure you would have. :grinning:

(Sagayanathan) #5

Thank you Sean. I am already enjoying this platform. Thanks again for quick and convincing responses. And thanks for blessings
God bless you too.