Saint Clair Sterling

(Saint Clair Sterling) #1

Hello everyone,

I am originally from Jamaica, West Indies.

A pastor friend of mine, Tim Dilena introduced me to just thinking and that was it.

I will contribute in whatever way I can.

(Sieglinde) #2

Hi @SaintClair, welcome! I love the just thinking podcast. I have listened to them over and over. Now I’m hooked on Thinking out Loud, Vital Signs and Ask Away. Check them out :slightly_smiling_face:

(Heidi Mitchell) #3

Hi Saint Clair! @SaintClair
So glad you’ve joined us :relaxed:

Yes, so many great podcasts…thankful for the many ways to listen and learn from the RZIM team.

Enjoy your time here, and looking forward to hearing from you in the forums.

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(Saint Clair Sterling) #4

Thanks for the warm welcome. Honored to be here.

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