(Sally Vischi) #1

Perth Western Australia

What led you to join Connect?
I’ve been listening to RZIM for the last week and loving everything I’m hearing and wanted to connect more with your ministry

How do you hope to contribute?
Oh, I’m unsure … but I hope to be able to ask some hard questions I’ve been wanting to ask regarding my faith etc

(Joseph) #2

Hi Sally! Welcome! I’m new too. Hopefully we can learn from one another :slightly_smiling_face:


(Lou Hablas) #3

Welcome, Sally (and @joekopasek)!! Sally, I can hear your accent all the way here in Georgia and love it! We’re so glad you, and Joe, joined Connect, and I pray you’re both immensely blessed as you dive into the community with your questions and comments!

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome to Connect, @svischi! I was just in your fair city in November, and I loved it. I’d never been to Oz before then, and when my best friend (who’s from there) was getting married, well, I just couldn’t miss it! :grin: I could certainly use some of your sunshine and beaches right now. Think you could send some of your weather UK way? It’s too rainy and cold here! :umbrella:

(Catherine Keffer) #5

G’Day to you as well, :smiley: Never actually met anyone from Australia, that I can recall, so Hello to you, I welcome every member of this family. Very interested in understanding perspectives outside of the USA and hearing about the movement of God globally. I am new here, and pretty new in Christ, hoping we can all grow together. You said you listen to RZIM. I am kinda out of the loop when it comes to the internet, social media, modern media and very new to RZIM so what platform are you listening to them through?
Until relatively recently, I spent about 5 years completely disconnected, no phone, no t.v., no internet. 4 of the 5 because I was lost in drug addiction and homeless. The 5th year actually because God called me to give up everything and get to know Him, Our Lord Almighty, Our God, Yahweh, Jesus, Holy Spirit!! So amazing!!!

(Philip Immaraj) #6

Praying and praying that The Holy Spirit will continue to encourage and walk along with you and within.

(Lou Hablas) #7

Catherine…you and your story sound so interesting! I hope you’ll share more - about all of it - what led you to drug addiction/homelessness, what led you OUT of same, and especially about the 5th year? And if you’re not comfortable sharing anything, I certainly understand and apologize for perhaps making you feel uncomfortable.

Re: accessing RZIM content, you’ve got several options, and I’ve listed a few below:

Additionally, if you have an Android or iPhone device, you can visit the respective app stores (Google or Apple) and download the official RZIM app, which offers much of the content that can be found on the main website.

I hope this information is helpful and that the resources continue to bless you!

(Sally Vischi) #8

Thank you Joe… I have much to learn

(Sally Vischi) #9

Hi Lou
Thank you for such a warm welcome :pray:

(Sally Vischi) #10

Hi Kathleen … thank you for your kind message … yes Perth is gorgeous … mind you the weather is getting much cooler … some relief but the sky is still that brilliant blue :smiley:

(Sally Vischi) #11

Hey Catherine … I’m so amazed by your courage!!! Many would not even think of seeking God in the midst of such harsh conditions… Praise God … you hung on to Him … He has never let you go all along :pray:

(Sally Vischi) #12

Thank you for your prayers … I’m so grateful

(Catherine Keffer) #13

Thank you Lou, appreciate the encouragement and the information. Currently dedicated to full time ministry in a Christian Women’s Home ordained for the restoration of people once bound in drugs and/or alcohol through the love of Jesus! Most often we are focused on what God has called us to, and as you probably already know, online networking can sometimes be a distraction. Just depending on the leadership and prompting of Holy Spirit to share as often as possible. Quite excited for God’s mercy to be glorified through the testimony He gave me. I wanna shout the story of Him in me everywhere!!! Thank you Jesus!

(Billie Corbett) #14

Hello Catherine,

Praise God for His glorious mercy and grace …
to you and each and every one of us!

Praise Him that He delivered you and is raising you up to newness of life in Christ.

Praise Him, for working through you to bless and support others!

He is sooooo good!

I rejoice with you in all that He has done for you, in you and through you!

(Scott Dockins) #15



I hope the Connect forum becomes a vehicle in answering your questions, and your relationship with the Lord enrichens and grows.

God Bless!

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(Lou Hablas) #16

Wow, reading this made me tear up - so beautiful and a glimpse of His immense love for each us, His amazing redemptive and gracious ways, and how He continues to work in and through us…when we give Him control. I’m so happy for you, Catherine! Without a doubt, you’re touching many, many lives through your ministry, and you’ve touched my life through your example of obedience!

(Scott Dockins) #17


I am a recovering alcoholic and addict; celebrating five years of sobriety October of 2018 thanks to our Lord and Messiah Jesus of Nazareth!

Praise Jesus for NEW LIFE!

Thank you for sharing a part of your story, sister!

I pray for your continued sanctification and daily renewal in Christ!

I am so happy for your new beginnings and relationship with our KING!

(Scott Dockins) #18


Thank you for volunteering your precious time to help those struggling with addictions. I too, serve in a recovery ministry, it’s called Celebrate Recovery. It is for anyone and anybody who has a hurt, habit or hang up, including chemical addictions.

You are AWESOME!

May Jesus empower, strengthen, and go before you as you labor in the ministry of reconciliation, and healing!

(Catherine Keffer) #19

Thank you for the encouragement. I am aware of Celebrate Recovery, know a lot of people who participate and love it. Going to post more of my testimony soon, as soon as the Lord frees some time to do so. God is amazing…really really amazing. I often think of the lyrics to a song that say: what the enemy planned for my downfall turned out to be the greatest victory of my life! I thank God for every affliction because over and over again they bring me to a place of deeper dependence on Him, God orchestrated every step into total surrender and submission. Without that we cannot resist the devil, as the scripture says: Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.-James 4:7
Let’s pray: Father I thank you for this community of people, believers, disciples, followers, and family! We love your Word, we love your presence, we love Jesus! Your glorious Son. May you strengthen and empower each of us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we continue to grow in Faith we pray for protection and favor. Thank you for the power of the Holy Spirit, resurrection power! Breathe on us, inspire us, lead us in your love to everyone you’ve connected us to. Hallelujah!!! Thank you Jesus. Amen!!

(Scott Dockins) #20


I second your prayer, sister!

May our Father (Yahweh), the Son (Yeshua), and the Holy Spirit (Our Helper) continually bless you and keep you!

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