Salvation, evil and suffering

Hello family, I want to ask this question,

1.Can a Christian loose his or her salvation?, If yes then on which grounds can one loose it.

  1. And also the existence of evil and suffering, and why God allows them.
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Hey David @David_Quophi. Great questions there. For the first question, I will link you to a section I replied to another person (it contains the view points of different denominations and their stance in it). It is always good to understand all viewpoints before making your own conclusion.

From a protestant point of view, here is good video as well. The key part is the second part of the video where it talks about if someone did not make it to heaven, then maybe their first conversion was never a true one to begin with. Because a true transformation means a natural outflow of good works, and thus no concern for losing salvation.

For your second question, here is a great link below as well. In short though, evil is found in us, in the human heart. Suffering is what we experience from the evil that is done in the world. Why does God allow it to happen, because if he is to resolve it, he would have to start with you and I. We are his children. He not only loves us but He is Love and in solution he died for us. Our job, to accept the free gift, be born again into a new creation, who is free from bondage of sin and does the good works of the Lord. Evil is the absence of good. If good (God) is present in us/hearts, evil will not be present as well. Now can we turn every human to be born again, that’s the goal. :wink:

I hope this helps brother. Btw my brother’s name is David too :wink:
God Bless.

Great, very powerful God bless you brother

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