Sam Dharmapala

Hi everyone,

My name is Sam from Melbourne, Australia and I am living in the Philippines.

I think this site is a fantastic idea for like-minded Christians to come together as a community - especially as facebook, twitter etc are becoming anti-Christian.

I am eternally grateful to Ravi and Michael Ramsden - I set up a social enterprise that employs abused women and men - and both of their videos on the meaning of life, meaningful suffering and the Christian world view continue to sustain me (alongside with God’s Word) as I go through the ups and down of running a business.

I hope to contribute to discussions regarding work, restoration from abuse/slavery and also about witnessing to Buddhist (as I was born a Buddhist and came to Christ at the age of 27).

God Bless, Sam


Welcome aboard @sam.dharmapala. what a background. We need the children of God to come together like this with different locations, upbringings, educations, etc. A breadth of God weaved lives to fulfill the great commission. God-bless you and your ministry. May God grant you wisdom and favor to enable assistance for others to know the peace and grace of our father.


Oh @sam.dharmapala, it is such a blessing to have you here, welcome! We would love to hear more of how you became a Christian. If and when you want to share, there is a Testimony category to submit it in. We would be so blessed. What are some of your most profound experiences or struggles? Any specific prayer request? Thank you for your heart :heart:
Wellspring International headed up by Naomi Zacharias is a wonderful outreach program for those caught up in trafficking-slavery, abuse etc. And Ravi has a book addressing Buddha

Again, so wonderful to have you here, God bless :pray:t3:


Welcome Sam,

I was about to recommend the Lotus and the Cross book too, but @sig got to it first. Kudos Sig!

Nice to meet you, a fellow ex-buddhist too, in fact my parents are still buddhist now. So look forward to hear more from you, esp on buddhism topic.



Hi Sam, welcome to the community :smiley:

I can only agree with you. In the different forums you can feel the special Connect atmosphere: friendly, encouraging and respectful.
Very admirable that you work with abused people. I wish you especially God’s rich blessing. Here are a few links to topics that might be of interest to you:


Welcome Sam! So glad you connected here. I got to study Buddhism during a concentrated course of reading and travel. We spent 3 weeks in Sri Lanka seeing the country and visiting the various dhagabas and shrines. This was decades ago. I discovered that all religions have denominations and parties within each. The extreme spectrum of adherents gave me a better perspective of orthodoxy to liberal interpretations exist similarly within Christianity.
Welcome to this forum!


Thank you @sig , I will go to the testimony category soon. In response - the hardest part was telling my mother that I was no longer a Buddhist. The profound positive experiences have been incredible over the last 5 years as my wife and I started on this work/ministry to the women and men we serve. Any prayers to help us continue God’s work and see true restoration would be appreciated!


@iDan - thank you for these articles. In our company, we teach about self-forgiveness as a first step to considering forgiveness to others. Its very complex journey to healing so we are learning a lot - and it helps that we have the Bible to guide us.

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@Brian10c - Glad you visited Sri Lanka and great to see your appreciation of the complexities of denominations etc - I found that a good witness sometimes needs to address the specific mindset/idiosyncrasy prevalent within that sub-group.

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@RoySujanto - Thanks Roy. Happy to hear about your walk with the Lord - may you grow in Him and be a great witness to your family!

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@Keldon_Scott - thank you for the warm welcome to this community!