Say hello…Hi there, I am Sami-Lee from South Africa. I have just completed the core module and am thrilled to connect with you all. I hope to grow and share through Christ, contending for the lost to know the love of Jesus.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?


Hey @sami-lee, welcome to connect! Congratulations on your completing of the Core Modules! What was something you learned from it that really stuck with you?


Hello Samantha, welcome to the connect family, I am in America it is a pleasure to meet you. The RZIM classes lead to a deeper question that keeps on giving and growing. May you enjoy your time here while learning and helping. Be safe


Welcome to connect @sami-lee. Thank you for coming alongside us. Congratulations on completing the core module. I hope it blessed your faith path. Was there a favorite part of the course the you were in particularly moved by? I hope that you enjoy the discussions and that your faith is edified by your involvement here. God-bless you and your journey.


Dear Charity
I learned so much! What stuck with me was Jo Vitale’s lecture on Slavery, Vince Vitale’s lecture on suffering, John Lennox on atheism and how science has not proven God to be non-existent. Everything that Naomi Zacharias says resonates in me.
Before I was saved I was a great believer in evolution and very into New Age things. After I got radically saved in 2017 during my studies as a natural sciences teacher I found that the theory of evolution is just that, a theory. If it was proven it would be the rule of evolution. I am so grateful to Jesus for opening my eyes.
I still struggle with understanding the Trinity, but I accept and believe in it none the less. I have found that some things that I would usually have investigated to understand, I now accept on faith, knowing that if it is God’s will He will give me understanding.
I loved the clip when the gentleman asked Ravi to account for all the violence done in the name of religion and how Ravi replied that we must read about Jesus and decide if we like who He is. Not base our views of the Christian faith on what man has done in his misinterpretation of the gospel. I have shared this with my sister, who is fiercely against the gospel and my conversion. I see God watering the seeds I’ve sown.
I am thankful to RZIM for giving me the ability to speak respectful and loving words in defence of Christ and the Gospel, instead of being silent and feeling cowardly.
My dream was to meet Ravi Zacharias in person, now I dream of meeting the whole team and hugging Ravi in Heaven someday.

Have a lovely day.


Thanks @sami-lee for sharing that! Wow, there’s so many wonderful things that you brought out… I haven’t gone through the Core Modules program yet, but I have listened to different talks from those individuals and have come to love them all!

Praise the Lord, He opened your eyes! I will pray right now for you and your sister. May He open her eyes just as He has your’s!

That’s great, RZIM has helped me so much in that way as well! I’m looking forward to learning more from and with you!