Hi everyone!

I’m from SC. and really looking forward to meet and get to know people like you in our Lord from all walks of life. I’m just 19 yet have come to love our Lord so much it’s hard to explain in the secular world sometimes.

Knowing you are all out here to teach and learn makes me so very excited to meet all of you!

I’m just a child of our Lord and not sure what I have you will want to know at all from me. I’m very happy to meet everyone.

Thank you for accepting me here.


Hi Sanah, welcome to Connect, happy to meet you too!
so glad to know a younger generation who is passionate about Jesus, I believe you will have a great impact in the secular world around you.

Be blessed!



Hello Sanah! Welcome to the family! So glad you could join us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @sanahdalah15, we are thrilled to meet you. What you have is an ability to inspire and You have already done this. It is always a joyous occasion when our youth rise up. We need you :heart: I do hope you will engage here, offering your perspective in the conversations. Some of my most profound lessons have come from talking with my grand kids. God bless :pray:t3:


Hey Sanah!

Good to see you here!


Hi everyone,

Thank you all for the warm welcome. :slight_smile:

Please bear with me as this might take some time to figure this out. There’s a lot of reading to sort out how to navigate all of these pages and my eyes are still recovering from a recent event. It may be a little while before I’ll be able to post.

If anyone knows a short cut I would really appreciate it. Is there a tutorial that’s a video and not written information?

Thank you all again.


Hi Sanah, welcome to connect!
I am new here as well, but already have learned so much, I am sure you will learn and grow so much from reading and asking and answering.
Everyone has their own life experience and it is so valuable for us all to hear from one another and be reminded of other views.


You are welcome


Hi Sanah, welcome! It is exciting to have you join in the discussions!


Hi Sabah @sanahdalah15
I am so proud to have you join us. Not just for your young age but also as an Alumni of RZIM Academy. More Grace to your love and pursuit for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are all hear to learn and grow together so you can indeed be a great blessing to me and this community at large. We respect and will love to read more of your contributions. Please do find time to explore and engage… Am inspired!!

With Love and Grace
From Nigeria


Good morning Sanah,
Yes it is refreshing to see a 19 year old engage about our Jesus it is inspiring. Perhaps you could share your journey to Christ when you would like. Have you clicked on your profile there is much there.
May the Lord bless and keep you

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Welcome Sanah.

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Hello there, Mz. Sanah! I also have a unique 1st name & am new to connect! I believe that you & your input from this generation of Christ followers will be The source of this country’s awakening through the honesty of intellectual and warm thoughts of inquiry(…I’m starting to Like this!):innocent::+1:t5::raised_hands:t5::100::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you sir for your kind welcome. I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate this site. I hope we can talk soon.



Hi !

I cant wait to figure out this website and figure out how to engage. Thank you so much for being so very kind in your welcome



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Thank you Ms. Erika!

I’m slow to figure out how to navigator all this. I look forward to meet meeting you

Please bear with me figuring all this out


Sanah. :0

Hi Mr. Chukwudi,

Thank you for your kind welcome.

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Yes sir Mr. John,

thank you for your warm welcome. I don’t know if I’m doing this right as of now, but all the same it is very good to meet you!



Hi Mr. Mike,

Yes sir I am figuring this all out, but its kinda slow. Thank you so much for your kind words.



Thank you!