Sandra Johnston

Where are you from? I’m from Washington State, USA

What led you to join Connect? Ravi Z

How do you hope to participate? Listen to what other denominational beliefs are, Learn!


Welcome to Connect. @sunnysideohsheds. Great to have you here. Please feel free to check out all the other discussions already going on and ask any question you have to start a discussion. Hope to have the chance to talk to you again soon.


Good Morning Sandra, welcome to the connect family it is great to have you join the community. Take some time and search the site, there is a plethora of material, just type in the search bar and ask any Question to see many insights to what you are looking for? I have gotten much inspiration and a wealth of knowledge, and sure you will as well, from the many fine people here. God bless your travels along our journey to ultimate truth.



Welcome to connect @sunnysideohsheds. We are glad that you have come alongside us. Please do search for the topics that interest you most. Engage in the conversation so that you may develop a strong faith. And he helped that we can offer please do ask. God-bless you and your journey.


@sunnysideohsheds, we are glad that you have joined Connect, welcome! You are right in that there is a lot for us to learn from our brothers and sisters in other denominations. I am personally very thankful for this forum where we can learn from each other that come from a variety of backgrounds. I look forward to any contributions you may have here in the future! :blush: