Sandra Smith

Say hello everyone.
My name is Sandra Smith. I live just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
After taking the Core Module I wanted to stay connected with this great group of people so joining the Alumni group is very exciting. I hope to engage in great conversations about the deep truths of God.

I look forward to the discussions.


Welcome aboard @Sandra. Love seeing the academy alums coming along side us. Your experiences shared with those here are invaluable. Thanks for joining. Participate as often as you are able. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey. Did you get to meet Andy Bannister when he was in Toronto?


Hi @Sandra, it’s so nice to meet you! What was your most profound lesson in the Core Module? It’s wonderful to have you here and I trust you will enjoy browsing the various topics. Feel free to engage in the conversations, offering your perspective. Take care :pray:


Welcome Sandra, I did the core module last year. That was a great experience for me. And I’m not even half a year active here at Connect and I’m really impressed about the profound discussions and the friendly and respectful way of dealing with each other. I’m sure that you can have great conversations here.