Sandy Stapleton

(Sandy Stapleton) #1

Hello. I am from Wisconsin. I am joining connect to continue the dialogue begun with my group during the core curriculum. Hoping to learn and grow and share with all as i do. So grateful to have this platform opportunity. Thank you all.

(Rose Amer) #2

Hi Sandy Welcome. I am active today since I’ve joined connect last year. I was having difficulty finding my way around. It is great to know you. Hope to see you around.

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(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Welcome @sstaple!

I’m glad you’ve joined and my hope is that this community will continue to encourage your growth in Christ and your desire to share about him with others.

(Sandy Stapleton) #4

thank you Rose,
we are alike in finding our way around this site. Took me two months!! Finally got the right combination. Hope to hear from you often.


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